Award-winning Chef Phyllis Segura has cooked for people in all walks of life both in the U.S. and E.U. Chef Phyllis has been cooking for special people since 2000.
She attended the Apicius Cooking School of Lorenzo de’Medici in Florence, Italy; received a James Beard Foundation scholarship; attended various New York cooking schools; and watched her grandmother very carefully.
As a personal and private chef Phyllis cooks for individual clients and offers cooking demonstrations regularly. She specializes in small elegant dinner parties, and intimate dinners - plated or buffet, weekday meals and private and group culinary instructions.
The chef prepares a wide variety of cuisines. Whereas a restaurant chef might have a specialty that is served daily, as a personal or private chef Segura applies her skills to the requirements and palates of her clients. Fresh and seasonal ingredients make the best dishes. She is not shy with herbs and spices and will go out of her way to source ingredients.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Kosher, grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, blood type, diabetic and other special diets are available. Chef prefers to use organic, pesticide and antibiotic free, non-GMO and local products as much as possible.
Consultations with nutritionists are recommended for special needs and diets for proper guidelines.

References and a rate sheet are available. She currently lives in Saugerties, NY.
In 2013 she offered cooking classes in her home kitchen in Spencertown,NY www.reddoorcookingworkshop.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


You know and I know that I have not paid very much attention to this blog for quite some time. No good reason. Here it is New Year's Eve 2019 and I have decided to send you a little gift: compound butters. Use them however you think best. Invent some of your own. They are wonderful. Make some and keep them in your freezer.  I've noted where some of them were originally found. Here!
HAPPY 2020!

And today, January 17, 2020 I found this article about someone who opened a shop in Lyons, Colorado, and churns butter from raw milk. https://www.foodandwine.com/travel/butter-bar-bella-la-crema-colorado


1. Rose Petal Butter
Glass Dish, layer fragrant rose petals, ¼ lb sweet butter, petals
Alternate layers. Cover tightly and stand a room temperature for 1 hour, then refrigerate. Next day remove the petals and cream the butter.

2. Sage and Garlic Butter
Good over winter squash, ravioli or baked ricotta
2 T butter, 2 T evoo, 1 T sage, 2 garlic cloves, fine chopped, 1 T finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper

3. Ancho Chili, Lime, Garlic Butter
1 stick butter, 1 T ancho chili, 1 garlic clove mashed, 1 lime zest, 2-3 t lime juice, pinch salt. Mash together. Roll. Freeze.

4. Edible flower garden butter
1 stick butter - room temp, 1 t superfine sugar, ¼ t almond extract, handful fragrant roses - rugosa/damask types = 2 T chopped petals
Remove petals, wash well in cold water, pat dry in salad spinner, mince with sharp knife, cut butter into 6-8 pieces and mash with fork, incorporate flavorings then flowers, put in crock or roll in waxed paper. Refrigerate. Flour butters can be frozen up to 2 months.

5. Herb Butter - Madison
¼ lb butter, 2 T chopped thyme, 3 T chopped marjoram, 1 shallot, 1/2t lemon zest, salt
Good on any veg, rice or beans

6. Olive Rosemary Butter
¼ lb butter, ½ c nicoise olives chopped, 1 T minced rosemary, 1 t minced thyme, ½ t lemon zest
Good with grilled veg or white bean or potato soup

7. Blossom Butter
¼ lb butter, 2 T mixed herbs - opal basil, marjoram, chives, thyme, 3 T chopped edible blossoms: sage, rosemary, borage, calendula, nasturtium sand and white pepper

8. Nasturtium Butter
Nasturtium blossoms with 2 tender nasturtium leaves

10. Lemon-Chive Butter - stewart
1 stick butter, 1 T grated lemon zest, 1 t lemon juice, 2-1/2 T snipped chives, ½ t salt. Combine.

11. Compound Butters for Noodles
6T butter, 1 garlic, 2 T parsley, Italian Salami
Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon
Butter, Cream, tomato paste, Madeira, white truffle

12. Compound Butter for Potatoes
Blue Cheese and Butter
3T butter, 1/3 cup cheese

13. Clover Butter  for tea
2 T clover, ¼ lb butter, 1 T honey
gather clover on a dry day

14. Mushroom Butter - Kamman
for poached fish, chicken breasts, braised lettuce
½ c minced raw mushrooms, ½ c white wine, 2 T minced scallions, 1 T lemon juice, ½ t salt, 4 white peppercorns, ¾ c butter, 2 T whipped cream
Measure 1/3 c mushrooms and set aside. Make infusion with rest of mushrooms and other ingredients except butter and ream. Reduce to 3 T. Fluff in butter by the T. Strain sauce into warmed bowl. Blend in whipped cream and raw mushrooms.

15. Provencal Butter - Kamman
for steaks, broiled fish
2/3 c dry vermouth, ¼ t meat extract, 2 garlic cloves, chopped fine, 2 T chopped parsley, 1 T chopped shallots, 1-1/2 t anchovy paste, 2T tomato paste, pepper, ¾ c butter
Make infusion to 3 T. Fluff in butter. Strain

16. Green Butter - Kamman
for trout, grilled and poached fish
2/3 c dry vermouth, 2T each chopped spinach, escarole, chicory, watercress, parsley, ½ t each dried tarragon and basil, ¼ t grated orange zest, 1 small garlic chopped. 1-1/2 t anchovy paste, ¾ c butter. Reduce to 3 T. Add butter. Strain and add 2 T finely chopped walnuts.

17. Caper Butter - Kamman
for poached fish, broccoli, cauliflower
2T capers, 2 T caper vinegar, 1/3 t salt, ¼ t white pepper.
Heat vinegar, salt and pepper until salt melted. Add ¾ c butter. Finish with 2T whipped cream.

18. Chicken Liver Butter - Kamman
2 oz. chicken livers, ¼ c Madeira.
Cook over medium heat 3 minutes. Remove and cool. Process. Add 3 T butter until smooth.

19. Morel Butter - Kamman
8T Butter with salt and pepper. 2 oz. dry morels: rehydrate 1 hour in lukewarm water to cover. Remove stems. Wash carefully to remove sand. Drain well. Pat dry. Saute in 2 T butter. Salt and Pepepr. Add soaking water and let evaporate. Chop extremely fine. Add to butter. Use in pastry bag under chicken skins.

20. Stilton Butter - Kamman
½ c butter, 2 T crumbled Stilton cheese, 2Tport wine (tawny), salt and coarse cracked pepper

21. Ravigote - Kamman
with rice, rilled meats, fish, poached chicken, carrots, green beans, peas, cauliflower, potatoes
½ c butter, 1T each shallots, parsley, tarragon, chives, chervil. Salt and pepper.

22. Maitre d'Hotel Butter
½ c butter, 1T parsley, 1-3 T lemon juice, salt and pepper

23. Colbert Butter
½ c butter, 1T chopped parsley, 2t lemon juice, 2T meat glaze, salt and pepper

24. Snail Butter
½ c butter, ½ t minced shallots, ½ t minced garlic, 2T minced parsley, nutmeg, salt and pepper

25. Mustard Butter
½ c butter, 1T Dijon, salt and pepper

26. Tarragon Butter
12 c butter, 1T minced tarragon, salt and pepper

27. Basil Butter
1 garlic split, 6T butter, salt and pepper, 1t dried basil

28. Tomato-Basil Butter
3T tomato paste, 1t dried basil, 6T butter

29. Tabasco Butter
for corn
 2 t Tabasco, 6T butter

30. Mint Butter
for peas
1t dried mint, ¼ t sugar, salt and white pepper

31. Caraway Butter
for turnips, parsnips, kohlrabi, cauliflower
2 t caraway seeds, 6 T butter

32. Polish Butter
for cauliflower and broccoli
1/3 c breadcrumbs, 1 hard-cooked egg chopped fine, 1T minced parsley
Melt butter, add breadcrumbs and toss. Mix with remaining ingredients.

33. Nasturtium Butter - Creasy
1 stick butter, 12-18 nasturtium flowers, 2-4 fresh nasi leaves or a few sprigs fresh parsley, 3-4 chives chopped - optional

34. Orange-Tarragon Butter - Stewart
1 - 5 oz. - 7 x 1" log
1 stick butter, 1T grated orange zest, 1T orange juice, 2T tarragon, finely chopped, salt and pepper. Combine

35. Dill Butter - Stewart
1 stick butter, ¼ cup (2 oz.) cream cheese, 1 t grated lemon zest, 1T lemon juice, 2Tparsley finely chopped, 2T dill finely chopped, ½ t salt. Combine

36.  Garlic-Shallot Butter - Beurre d'Escargot - Ducasse
makes 2 cups
18T butter (2-1/4 sticks), ¼ c ground almonds, 2 slices prosciutto di Parma, small dice, 1 garlic clove, fine chopped, 1 med shallot, fine chopped, ½ c flat leaf parsley fine chop, salt and pepper

37. Anchovy butter - Rebecca Wood
1-1/2 sticks unsalted butter, 4 anchovy fillets minced, 1T capers rinsed, drained and minced, 1 t lemon juice, 1 t minced chives

38. Herb Butter - Rebecca Wood
1T each parsley, chives, tarragon and 1 t Dijon, 1-1/2 sticks butter

39. Strawberry Butter - Rebecca Wood
1-1/2 sticks butter, ¼ c strawberry puree, 1T honey, ½ t grated orange zest

40. Chocolate Pecan Butter - Wood
1-1/2 sticks butter, ¼ c chopped toasted pecans, 1 oz. bittersweet choc melted, 1 t Sucanat or light brown sugar

41. Mustard Butter - Kamman
for swordfish, halibut, lemon sole, monkfish
8T butter, 1-1/2-2 T Dijon mustard, 1 garlic mashed, 1-1/2 T chopped parsley, ¼ t nutmeg

42. Snail Butter - Child
for 2 dozen snails: 1 stick butter, 1-2 cloves mashed garlic, 2T minced parsley, salt and pepper, lemon juice

43. Orange Butter - Child
for crepes - makes 3 cups
4 large lumps sugar, 2 large firm oranges, ¼ c granulated sugar, ½ lb. unsalted butter,
2/3 c strained orange juice, 3T orange liqueur
Rub sugar lumps over oranges hard to extract oil from skins. Remove some peel and chop fine with granulated sugar. Crush lumps and pee sugar mixture in small bowl of electric mixer. Add butter and beat until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in orange juice and liqueur.

44. Watercress Butter - Stewart
1 stick butter, ½ c goat cheese, 3 c watercress, kosher salt and black pepper. Process

45. Shallot-Parsley Butter - Stewart
1 stick plus ½ T butter, 1 large shallot fine chopped, 1T dry white wine, 1t salt, 1T parsley fine chopped

46. Ginger-Cilantro-Lime Butter - Stewart
1 stick butter, ¼ c cream cheese, 1T grated ginger, 1T lime juice, 3T cilantro finely chopped, 1 t kosher salt. Process.

47. Anchovy Butter - Stewart
5 med flat anchovies, rinse and pat dry, 1 stick butter

48. Curry Butter - Stewart
1 stick butter, 1-1/4 t curry powder, ½ t salt. Mix.

49. Smoked Salmon Butter - Kamman
for bluefish, salmon, salmon trout
6T butter, 2 slices Nova Scotia Salmon, salt and pepper.

50. Bouillabaisse Seasoning Butter
2T butter, 1 garlic, 6 basil leaves, ¼ t saffron

51. Smoked Tea Butter
½ c veal stock, 2T Lapsang Souchong, ¼ t ground ginger, 2T chopped chives, salt, 8T butter
Boil stock, add tea. Steep 20 min. Strain and wring through cheesecloth. Set aside. Put butter in processor and cream 30 secs. Add tea extract, ginger and chives Process until homogenous. Add salt. Roll in plastic wrap and freeze.
Use with duck which ahs been marinated in crushed szechuan pepper and corn oil…or on veal.

52. Saffron Butter - Madison
with Provencal vegetables, fennel, eggplant, tomato, potato
2 pinches saffron threads pulverized, ¼ lb butter, 1 large shallot chopped fine, 2 t finely chopped marjoram or basil, 1T finely chopped parsley, ½ t grated orange or lemon zest, pinch cayenne, salt and pepper

53. Mustard Butter - Madison
good with cabbage
1 garlic clove, pressed, ¼ lb butter, 1T Dijon, 1 large shallot fine dice or 2T scallion, 2T chopped parsley, salt and pepper

54. Spicy Moroccan Butter - Madison
good with sweet potato or chickpea soup
½ bunch scallion whites, 2 garlic coarsely chopped, 1T sweet paprika, 2t ground cumin, ½ t ground coriander, 2T chopped parsley, 2T chopped cilantro, 1t chopped mint, salt, ¼ lb butter, juice 1 lime

55. Chile Butter - Madison
with carrots, beets, sweet potato, corn
1 large jalapeno, 2 serrano chiles roasted, zest of lime, finely chopped, ¼ lb butter, 1t lime juice or more, 2T chopped cilantro, 1 scallion including 1" of green, salt, ¼ t ground coriander

56. Sweet Flower Butter
use on egg breads, sugar cookies, or between layers of pound or sponge cake
Roses, violets, lavender, pineapple sage, marigolds.

57. Chive Blossom Butter - Creasy
1 stick butter, 10-12 large barely open chive flowers separated, 2 small sprigs fresh parsley or 8-10 large chive leaves

58. Sundried Tomato Butter
on steaks, over fish, on bread, garlic bread
1 c unsalted butter, 1 t minced garlic, 4T chopped parsley, 1 oz sundried chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cream butter, mix. Chill.

59. Lobster Butter - Beard
Grind or pound cooked lobster shells until very fine. Combine with butter and force through fine strainer. ¼ lb butter, 1 lb lobster shells

60. Anchovy Butter - Beard
½ c butter creamed. Fold in 6 anchovies finely chopped, or anchovy paste. Add few drops lemon juice and
1t chopped parsley

61. Mustard Butter - Vongerichten
2T minced shallot, ½ c red wine vinegar, 1t minced tarragonm ½ stick or ¼ cup softened butter, 2T grainy mustard, salt and pepper
Combine shallot, vinegar and tarragon medium-high heat. Boil. Stir occasionally until shallot just moist. Cream butter with mustard. Cool reduction and add to butter. Salt and Pepper. Serve or refrigerate up to one week.

62. Horseradish Butter

63. Caper Butter

64. Truffle Butter

65. Mushroom Butter

66. Red Pepper Butter
with red pepper puree

67. Dill Butter

68. Tomato Butter
with tomato paste

69. Nut Butter
Roasted nuts chopped and butter, or buttered nuts, ground almonds

70. Apple Butter
Cooked apples and butter. Honey

71. Strawberry Buttter

72. Lemongrass Butter

73. Ginger Butter

74. Orange Butter

75. Vanilla and Coconut Butter

76. Herb Butter - Ducasse
10T butter, ½ bunch each, parsley, chervil, tarragon, chives, salt and pepper
Spread between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. Roll with rolling pin 1/8". Freeze.
Use pieces 2" x 1" to put between breast skin on chicken.

77. Shrimp Butter
½ lb cooked shrimp and shells, ground fine, force through sieve